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Ashburton Fanciers Society (Inc.)

The Ashburton Fanciers Society held its first show in 1892, so you can see we have been in existence for well over 100 years.

We have held shows every year, catering for all types of poultry, bantams, pigeons, ducks, cage birds, cats, rabbits and cavies, to encourage competition.

Our show is held Mid-June each year and attracts over 1000 entries which is one of the biggest exhibitions of this kind in New Zealand.

We also hold an Annual Auction in Mid-April to make available, fanciers extra birds, to be purchased by other interested people. This event helps fanciers and the general public to be able to buy birds to enjoy. The Auction usually attracts up to 300 lots totaling approximately 1000 birds.

Our members are happy to help and offer advice on poultry to new and upcoming poultry keepers whether they are showers or lifestylers' wishing to enjoy a few chooks.

We have commitee meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month except January, June and December. These are held in the Sports Hall, Tancred Street West, Ashburton. December is our Christmas get together and barbeque for all Members. It is held at a member's home.

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